Armored Core 6 Fans Have Added An Easy Mode

Armored Core 6 is tough as nails early on, which isn’t too surprising considering developer FromSoftware has a reputation for making extremely punishing yet satisfying titles. Unlike Elden Ring or the Dark Souls series, you can’t actually grind or overlevel in Armored Core 6, making some of its toughest fights far too much of an intense skill check for a lot of people with no way to cheese them. You only have to see how many people tapped out after being battered by the tutorial boss to realise that.

Just like all of FromSoftware’s other games, Armored Core 6 also doesn’t come with an Easy Mode of any kind, which probably would’ve been handy for all of you less experienced gamers out there that have had to give up due to the challenge. Thankfully, one fan of the game has took the mission of making one into their own hands, and has come up with a makeshift „Easy Mode“ mod that will significantly improve your chances of coming out victorious against the game’s boss fights.

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The creation can be found on Nexus Mods, which was recently uploaded by modder Vawser. Interestingly, this mod doesn’t actually do anything to reduce the amount of damage that you take, rather it gives you a series of buffs to make you a lot more powerful. For starters, this mod reduces the Energy Load and Weight of all your equipment by 50 percent, essentially allowing you have a quick, speedy mech, whilst simultaneously packing loads of firepower.

Not only that, but it also increases the total rounds for every single weapon by 300 percent of its vanilla value, meaning you can srpay and pray as much as you like without having to worry about running out of ammunition. If you want to strap miniguns to your mech’s arms and shoulders and overwhelm your opponent with a sea of bullets, this mod will let you do so. You’ll also earn a lot more cash from missions and arena fights, meaning you won’t have to grind at all for any weapons you want to buy.

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Most importantly, this mod also increases the effective range of every weapon by 300 perecent of its vanilla value too, meaning you can fire off your weapons much further away from your opponents too. Couple that with a reduction in the amount of ricocheting, and you’ll be able to take down Armored Core 6’s toughest foes whilst completely out of harm’s way. Just make sure you don’t try and use this mod in the Nest, otherwise you might catch a permanent ban.

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