Elden Ring Fans Debate The Game’s Best And Worst Legacy Dungeons

Elden Ring has been on store shelves for well over a year now, giving players the chance to thoroughly explore all the game’s nooks and crannies to the fullest. It’s widely accepted that the game’s legacy dungeons are Elden Ring at its most impressive, large areas spread across the game’s open world like Stormveil Castle and Raya Lucaria Academy that deliver the typical Dark Souls-esque experience that we all know and love.

However, Elden Ring fans can’t seem to agree on which one is the best and which is the worst, as proven by a popular debate currently raging on the game’s subreddit. The question was first raised by Ecstatic-Reindeer699, whose post quickly garneered a whole bunch of upvotes and was descended upon by hundreds of fellow fans eager to share their opinions.

We’ll start with the legacy dungeons that players find the best, as the most popular comment so far comes from u/Masappo, who praises Stormveil Castle for its intertwining paths, enemies, secrets to find, and final boss fight. There’s plenty of toher that seem to agree with that pick as well, including u/Lolejimmy who goes so far as to claim that Stormveil Castle might just be „the single best „dungeon“ in all of video game history“.

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Of course, there are plenty of other incredible legacy dungeons to choose from, with Raya Lucaria Academy and the Haligtree both getting a number of shoutouts, and even more on top of that. One of the bigger surprises is that a fair few people really like Leyndell’s Subterranean Shunning Grounds, with u/makuta15 praising its „classic Dark Souls design“.

As for the worst legacy dungeons, the Haligtree is mentioned once again, but this time for the branches you have traverse before getting to the legacy dungeon proper. I’m sure most of you reading who have played Elden Ring have vivid memories of beating constantly dooted to death while trying to navigate one of the trickiest areas in the game.

Another fairly surprising contender for worst legacy dungeon is Redmane Castle, the area right before the beach on which you get pasted by Radahn. A lot of people think it’s just too short, with some wondering if it should even be considered a legacy dungeon given how puny it is compared to the rest. Plus, you can just skip most of it by triggering the Radahn Festival. It’s definitely a lot less imposing than the man himself, who I’m sure managed to make sure some players never saw another legacy dungeon ever again.

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