Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent - Which Story Should You Start With?

In Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent , you will be able to play through 3 tales focusing on the masters of Wealth, Power, and Fame, as they hold despotic control over their corresponding regions of Orsterra.

As you play with each story, you will certainly update your very own Influence in Wide Range, Power, and also Popularity, boosting your party's stats. When you initially begin the game, you will certainly need to select which tale you wish to play first. Allow's take a look at which tale you ought to pick first, as well as the benefits of each.

Which Tale Should You Beginning With?

Although you have to choose one tale to start with, you will certainly have the ability to play with all 3 tales any time you want . For instance, you can pick to play via all three phases of the Power story before starting one of the various other 2, or you can complete every one of them at the exact same time .

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That said, there are small advantages to completing particular stories . Upon completing a tale chapter, you will certainly gain Influence points according to the story you completed . Ranking up each Impact will grant various rewards , like raised experience gain or increased physical strike damage.

Because of these incentives, choosing one story over an additional will certainly have a slight benefit if you're seeking to optimize your bonus offers as you discover.

Perks Of Wide Range, Power, And Fame

There are a total amount of nine Vacationer Skills that you get by leveling up your Riches, Power, and Fame ranking. These incentives will be updated as you get to greater Influence ranks. Listed below are each incentive, and also which Influence you gain it from.

Riches Power Fame
Exp. UpPhysical Attack UpElemental Assault Up
Leaves UpAlly Uses UpMaximum Allies Up
Smithy Discount rateMove QuickenCait Rate Up

The Wealth perks are, on the whole, much more powerful than they others , as they will certainly enhance your experience gain, which is crucial for powering up at an early stage. Also a 0.2 percent boost in experience will certainly approve you an additional 200 experience points when defeating a regular Cait, comparable to the amount you would certainly get from a couple of regular fights in the very early degrees.

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Because of this, if you wish to acquire these benefits asap, we advise starting with the Riches story prior to relocating to the others . Popularity is an additional excellent option, as greater levels of this Influence will increase your possibilities of running into Caits in the wild.

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